The intensity map in Figure 1 is generated from a synchrotron emissivity prescription in which the gas pressure is proportional to the efficiency of linear momentum transport (inspired by the disk α-model of Shakura and Sunyaev 1973) and minimum of the cooling and radiative timescales. In Figures 2 and 3, light curves generated from an inverse Compton prescription jIC~D4Pg (in the Thomson limit with isotropic soft photons)  and the synchrotron model display significant variability on timescales equivalent to tens of gravitational radii.

Figure 1

xObs-yObs AlphaModel 719x359 IntensityToOneThird Map Rainbow Zoom Offset MidCut=070M, ThetaObs=020deg, PhiObs=000deg, PhiOrient=202Pt5deg, TObs=2000M

Figure 2

Synchrotron LightCurveAlphaModel43GHz050MStep

Figure 3

Inverse Compton DTo4PeAlphaModel Light Curve ThetaObs=000Deg, TObs=2000M-2500M 50MStep