Sgr A* Image Modeling

Intensity maps of a jet/accretion disk/black hole (JAB) simulation are computed using the IBOTHROS ray tracing code (Noble et al., 2007) for evolving photon trajectories of hot plasma near a rapidly rotating black hole below.

Figure 1



Intensity maps (left) and emitting regions with at least fFloor=0.1 max intensity (right) using beta models β = 0.01 (top) and 1 (bottom). The characteristic size D is the diameter of a circular region with the same area as the emitting region. The β=0.01 model is consistent with the Event Horizon Telescope scattering size constraint (Doeleman et al., 2008) 12.8M<D_fFloor=0.1<20.8M, while the β=0.01 model is more extended.