Sgr A*’s 4 million solar mass black hole sets a characteristic timescale (light crossing time of its Schwarszchild radius) of M = 22s. The favored Sgr A* model from (Anantua, Ressler & Quataert, 2019) is shown for T = 10,000M, 10,100M,…,11,000M.

Movie 1 – (f,βc)=(0.5,1)

The time averaged image over the interval is shown below:

Other models have stable morphology, such as the

Movie 2 – n=0 (i.e., N=0) Bias Model:

Movie 3 – n=2 (i.e., N=4) Bias Model:

Movie 4 – Critical Beta Electron Temperature Model (f,βc)=(0.1,0.01)