Event Horizon Telescope

Black Hole Initiative Conference 2019

Black Hole Initiative Postdocs 2019 (EHT members in bold): Top Row (Left to Right) – Alexander Raymond, Dom Pesce, Maciek Wielgus, Laura Donnay, Mislav Baloković; Bottom Row (Left to Right) Richard Anantua, Katherine Bouman, Jordan Keller, Hsin-Yu Chen, Paul Chesler
(Left to Right): Peter Galison, Monika Mościbrodska, Katherine Bouman, Lindy Blackburn
(Left to Right): Razi Emami, Richard Anantua, Andrew Chael

Publications Co-Authored with EHT Collaboration

Event Horizon Telescope observations of the jet launching and collimation in Centaurus A

Constraints on black-hole charges with the 2017 EHT observations of M87*

The Polarized Image of a Synchrotron-emitting Ring of Gas Orbiting a Black Hole

Broadband Multi-Wavelength Properties of M87 During the 2017 Event Horizon Telescope Campaign

First Event Horizon Telescope Results. VIII. Magnetic Field Structure Near the Event Horizon

First Event Horizon Telescope Results. VII. Polarization of the Ring

Polarimetric Properties of Event Horizon Telescope Targets from ALMA