Instructor of Record:

UTSA PHY 7903/AST 4953: “Special Topics: Galactic Dynamics” (Graduate Course)

also UT Austin AST 381 (co-Instructor Karl Gebhardt): “Gravitational Dynamics”

Spring 2024 Syllabus

UTSA PHY 7903/AST 4953:  “Special Topics: General Relativistic MHD” (Graduate Course)

Spring 2023 Syllabus

UTSA AST 1013:  “Introduction to Astronomy” (Undergraduate Course)

Fall 2022 Syllabus

UC Berkeley Astron 9D: “Order of Magnitude Physics” (Undergraduate Course)

Summer 2018 Syllabus

UC Berkeley Astron 9D: “Relativity of Space and Time in Popular Science” (Undergraduate Course)

Summer 2017 Syllabus

Teaching Assistant:

Stanford Ph 216: “Back of the Envelope Physics” (Graduate Course)

Fall 2015

Stanford Ph 16: “Black Holes” (Undergraduate Course)

Spring 2013

Stanford Ph 45: “Light and Heat” (Undergraduate Course)

Fall 2012


Teaching Demo: Atwood Machine Dynamics